Please join Dick Roberts, Candidate for Orange County Legislature District 13, at a fundraiser sponsored by the Orange County Democratic Caucus


Chris Eachus, Caucus Leader |  Jeffrey Berkman  |  Curlie Dillard  |  Myrna Kemnitz  |  James Kulisek  |  Michael Paduch  |  Roseanne Sullivan  |  Matthew Turnbull  |  Shannon Wong

Thursday, August 27, 2015 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Distefano’s Olde Erie, 7 W. Main Street, Middletown NY 10940
Minimum suggested donation $50.00, and please RSVP by August 20 to Matt Turnbull – 845-800-4702  or Gary LaPriore – 845-856-7101 or Mickey Morgano at mickeymorgano@gmail.com.  Pay at the door and make checks payable to Roberts for Legislature.


Times Herald-Record story by Chris McKenna posted July 23 at 12:53 PM
online at https://shar.es/1slQ5u

Dems support Campaign for a Cleaner Hudson Vigil
at the waterfront in Newburgh
Chris Eachus [Orange County Legislator], Judy Kennedy [Mayor of Newburgh], Regina Angelo [Deputy Mayor of Newburgh], Karen Mejia and Genie Abrams [Newburgh City Councilwomen], Jonathan Jacobson [Candidate for Mayor of Newburgh] and Gail Fletcher [Vice Chair of Orange County Dems] came out on a beautiful evening for a candlelight vigil on July 24 in solidarity with many other vigils up and down the Hudson in support of continuing the effort to rid of the river of PCBs.  General Electric's dredging is ending,  having removed only about 65% of the contamination.  More about the continuing efforts of the Campaign for a Cleaner Hudson at  http://www.ocnydems.com/environment
For God's Glory entertained the crowd on the Newburgh side of the Hudson River.

A sell-out last year!  
Claim your crustacean on Sunday, August 2 from 2 to 6 PM at the Black Rock Fish & Game Club at 5 Pleasant Hill Road in Mountainville between 2 and 6 PM.
$65 for adults and please RSVP by Sat., 7/25.  It's $80 at the door;  special children's menu and pricing.  
Call Bette Ann Yarus at 845-728-1218 for information and or e-mail to bettea1214@gmail.com.
From the Town of Blooming Grove:

Blooming Grove Democratic Committee Endorses Candidates for 2015

July 8, 2015, Blooming Grove, NY – The Blooming Grove Democratic Committee has enthusiastically endorsed the following slate of candidates for 2015:

Orange County Family Court Judges: Maria Patrizio and Christine Stage

Town of Blooming Grove Candidates

Supervisor: Robert Fromaget, Town Council: Sonia Ayala and Janette McKay, Highway Superintendent: Ralph Bisquert and Town Clerk: Jessica Ann Sutton

“We have a slate of very qualified individuals running for elected office to serve the residents of the Town of Blooming Grove, “ stated Joseph Cochiarra, Co-Chair of the Blooming Grove Democratic Committee.

Report from the Town of Walkill:

We are pleased to announce that there are extremely well qualified Democrats running in each of the four Wards of our Town for Town Council.
In the First Ward [an open seat] is an articulate, intelligent community activist, Frank Dendanto.
In the Second Ward is our long-serving Councilman, Eric Valentin. He often is the voice on the Board for quality-of-life issues.
In the Third Ward Neil Meyer is our candidate. He is well known for his leadership in the fight against the Asset Forfeiture Law.
In the Fourth Ward, newcomer Anthony Deserto is our candidate. He is excited at the prospect of serving the area where he grew up.
Kevin Mulqueen
Town of Wallkill Democratic Chair


In past weeks, volunteers walked door to door to meet residents and voters in their Towns and cities asking for signatures to satisfy requirements for placing Democratic candidates on ballots for the primary on September 10 and the 2015 elections on November 3.  
Need further information, an absentee ballot or a new voter registration form before the general election?  http://www.elections.ny.gov/VotingRegister.html 

Taxpayer Cost of Valley View Plunges
by Chris McKenna, Times Herald-Record, June 18, 2015
Goshen - The cost to Orange County taxpayers of subsidizing the county's nursing home plunged by $6.7 million last year, the second major cost drop for a facility that was once portrayed as a financial drain and was brought twice to the brink of privatization in the last four years.   [more ... ]  

Seven renowned architects make their case for the Orange County Government Center, "one of the world's most hated buildings", in the NY Times on June 5, 2015:    http://nyti.ms/1MaKTd7


On June 3, 2015 Orange County Court Judge Jeffrey Berry officially retired from his County Court Judge position.  We were not able to include this position at our June 1, 2015 convention because it was not an officially vacant position until the retirement became official on June 3, 2015.

It is possible that one or more candidates will attend the next meeting on Tuesday, June 10 Committee support for a 2015 run, the Committee will not endorse any candidates for County Court before the end of the petition period.  However, if a candidate does come forward, Committee members will be encouraged to carry for the Democratic County Court candidate despite not having an official endorsement.

 On Monday, June 1, 2015 at 7:30 PM at the Holiday Inn in Middletown, NY the OCNYDems held their2015 Endorsement Convention.  Endorsements for the two Orange County Family Court Judges were Christine Stage and Maria Patrizio, and Richard  Roberts for the 13th Legislative District.

The new Town of Montgomery Democratic Committee is actively seeking members interested in running for office, or helping other Democrats get elected to state and local office.   All interested may contact

Gregory Anderson at 845-541-0258 


Town Of Wallkill Democratic Committee makes endorsements

On May 26 three candidates  were endorsed for Town Board:  Eric Valentin [Second Ward], Neil Meyer [Third Ward] and Tony Deserto [Fourth Ward], and for the two Family Court positions, Christine Stage and Maria Patrizio.

 CHRIS EACHUS, Orange County Legislator, honored with the Lifetime Service Award by Hudson Valley ALF

Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation held its 9th Annual Labor Heroes Celebration on Friday, June 19 at

Falkirk Estates & Country Club, Central Valley.

Democratic Legislative Report on the Government Center:  an update 

The following is from a recent presentation to the Executive Committee of the Orange County Democratic Committee by Legislator Matt Turnbull [District 11], who spent many years in the construction industry.


The building was constructed in the late Sixties. It leaked when first occupied, but the leaks were fixed and it didn’t leak again until the roof ran its useful life and was replaced in 1985. It started to leak again around 2000, and again, that roof ran its useful life but has not since been replaced. 

Instead, buckets and tarps became the main strategy for making the case for demolishing the building and constructing a new Government Center.  [more ... ]




Former Orange County legislator and City of Port Jervis Mayor Richard Roberts has announced his intention to run for the open seat in the Orange County 13th Legislative District this year.

Dick Roberts is an ideal candidate who has dedicated his life to serving the people of Port Jervis. For most of his life, Dick worked in the Port Jervis School District, where he served first as a teacher at both Port Jervis High School and Middle School, then as the High School dean of students, summer school principal, Middle School principal and assistant superintendent for instruction.  After he retired, Roberts continued to serve the district as a member of the Board of Education.  He was also elected to the Port Jervis High School Hall of Fame / Class of 2013.

A committed public servant, Roberts served the City of Port Jervis as a councilman, councilman-at-large and mayor. He also served with distinction as Orange County Legislator for eight years. Additionally, he has held leadership positions in numerous local organizations to include the Tri-States Chamber of Commerce Board, Port Jervis Free Library Board of Trustees, Laurel Grove Cemetery Association Board of Directors, Port Jervis Fire Department, the Orange County Planning Federation and Kiwanis.  He currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Port Jervis Community Development Agency.  

Dick presents a great opportunity to change the composition of the Legislature from 11-9-1 to 10-10-1, thereby bringing more parity to the Legislature and give the Legislative Democrats greater leverage to drive the progressive agenda.

Dick was endorsed by the Orange County Democratic Committee on June 1.

  April 4, 2015

James_Skoufis.jpgLetter From Assemblyman JAMES SKOUFIS on the NY State Budget

Dear Friends & Neighbors:

As you may know by now, the 2015-2016 state budget was passed earlier this week.  During the months-long negotiation, right up to the time of the votes on various budget bills, I did my best to fight for the serious priorities we have here in the Hudson Valley all the while advocating for our share of resources and attention.  Here are some of the highlights – and, unfortunately, lowlights:


In January, the Governor proposed reforms that strike at the heart of education and the teaching profession. While some of my colleagues and I worked tirelessly to make a terrible situation better, the end result is not something I could support. That is why I voted "no" on these education proposals.

Teaching is one of society's most noble professions and I am truly saddened that some are compelled to attack those in our classrooms. Likewise, the vast majority of our schools are places of excellence - not "failing," as some have suggested. 

I am further extremely concerned that the potential for a greater reliance on testing exists for both our students and teachers as part of these proposals. There is already over-testing in our classrooms - a greater emphasis on testing, in my opinion, will not yield an accurate or fair assessment of our educators' or children's abilities. You can be sure I will be lobbying the Board of Regents over the coming months as they begin their new task of assembling a revamped teacher evaluation plan. 

Unlike the above proposals, I was proud to support and vote for a significant increase in state aid to our local schools - I helped bring back an over $27 million increase in funding to the districts I represent.  This is something that will lead to smaller classroom sizes and truly help our students. 

And I stand with the teachers in our district that work day in and day out for our children. Thank you, teachers, and you deserve better. 


There was some good news on taxes in this year’s budget but there is yet much to be desired.  In January, the Governor proposed to eliminate the 2% cost of living increase associated with the STAR property tax rebate program, a measure that would have cost thousands of families I represent.  I am pleased to say that like-minded colleagues and I were successful in pushing back on the Governor’s attempt to flat-line the STAR program and a 2% increase remains. 

Other good news includes the further chipping away of the unjust MTA payroll tax.  While I continue to support legislation that completely repeals this tax, this year’s budget includes an exemption for our libraries. 

The bad news is what was not in the budget.  I am very disappointment that a much-discussed property tax relief measure called a circuit breaker was not included in the budget framework nor was a cut in the small business income tax rate. These items will be taken up post-budget and remain a top priority of mine. 

Lastly, a salary commission was included in one of the budget bills, tasked with looking at pay raises for legislators and agency officials.  As I have always pledged, I voted against this measure and do not believe it is appropriate. 


The Hudson Valley scored a win when it comes to preserving open space.  Included in this year’s budget is $20 million specifically for farmland protection in the Hudson Valley.  Also included were significant increases in the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) and the establishment of a $200 million program to assist municipalities in funding water quality infrastructure projects.

 Economic Development 

$1.5 billion was included in the budget for economic development north of New York City.  While I strongly objected to the “hunger games” or competitive nature of this proposal – pitting regions of the state against one another – I plan to work with local stakeholders as we pursue our fair share of this funding.  The opportunity exists to inject significant resources into local projects that will lead to job creation, infrastructure, and a stronger Hudson Valley. 


I am here to serve you 24/7 and welcome any and all input.  Always feel free to call my office at 845-469-6929, email me atskoufisj@assembly.state.ny.us or set up a time to meet in-person.  Likewise, be sure to follow me on social media at these links: Facebook: facebook.com/james.skoufis and Twitter: twitter.com/jamesskoufis 

Thank you for affording me the privilege to serve you.

  Democratic Caucus Leader's response to the State of the County 2015:  

christopher_eachus-120x150.jpgWHAT OUR COUNTY NEEDS

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus delivered the annual ‘State of the County’ address on Wednesday, March 18th.  Though the speech was ‘sunny’, projecting many highlights that the County accomplished over the past year, it was very short on specifics for the future.  County economic difficulties from last year, and deficit budgeting for this current year, have not simply disappeared.

‘Good, positive stuff’ will only continue occurring in Orange County if there is proper leadership and if the County finances are dealt with in a clear, concise and logical manner.  This action must take place immediately as the County is already through one-quarter of its current fiscal year and has not successfully to date addressed its deficits.  Leaving the economic and financial future of this County to imaginary solutions and to unachievable hopes and wishes is not the means of ‘righting the ship’.

The County needs a bona fide business plan to guide us through the present and into the future. The recent past has shown that all stakeholders in the County, especially the County Legislature, must be part of the decision-making process.  Many positive actions have been undertaken by the County legislature in cooperation with the County Executive’s office in order to fill fiscal deficits and start producing a viable financial future.  No ‘crisis budgeting’ nor inflammatory rhetoric is necessary.  Hundreds of County workers do not need to be laid off, nor essential County programs and services cut, to achieve our goal of financial fitness.

Valley View Nursing Home is the County’s most successful department over this past year.  By drastically cutting costs, maintaining staffing and sustaining its excellent reputation for patient care, it is a model that the County must review and duplicate in other areas.  There is complete agreement that the change in administration has been the focal point of these improvements at Valley View and that giving jobs based on nepotism or favoritism does not give the County the resources it needs to be successful.

Compromise throughout County government is also necessary for success and has gotten movement on the Government Center issue.  It is essential for any more progress to be made relative to this issue.  Neither private companies, nor individuals, should be deciding the fate of the Government Center - or randomly wasting taxpayer’s dollars.

The health and safety of our County residents are of premier importance and has to be kept in the forefront of any planning and decision-making.  Services and programs cannot be randomly cut throughout the County.  Any County staff reductions must have a thorough analysis done to determine their effects on services and programs.

As the Democratic Caucus leader I am calling on Steve Neuhaus, along with all my compatriots in the County Legislature, to come together to produce a viable and acceptable business plan for the County to address current and future years.  This must be done within the next two months in order to properly address the immediate issues in our County.  As quoted by our County Executive, “We are not out of the storm”, and we won’t be out unless there is a plan and proper leadership to guide the way.

See video of Neuhaus address at http://bit.ly/1D6rTeF


With the retirement of Democrat Judge Debra Keidaisch this year, and Republican Lori Currier Woods up for reelection, Stage [a Senior Assistant County Attorney in the Child Protective Unit] will renew her bid for the seat.  

 Can we get an “Amen!”?

EDITORIAL:   Cost and credibility down at Valley View

Times Herald-Record, posted Jan. 31, 2015 @ 3:27 pm 

The Valley View story is not only about quality care and taxpayer costs. It’s about credibility. People in Orange County need to know they can trust the bottom line and those who make the calculations.

This week brought another spreadsheet, another set of numbers accompanied by another round of explanation and interpretation. The numbers themselves are important, but even more important is the talk surrounding them.  [more ... ]


Times Herald-Record 
By Hema Easley - posted online Jan. 23, 2015 @ 5:54 pm 

After years of disarray, Democrats have organized to create the Town of Chester Democratic Committee, and have elected leaders to head it.  At their organization meeting Dec. 15, Chester Democrats elected Barbara Murrow, a 21-year Chester resident, as chairperson, and Stephen Diffley, an electrician, as co-chair, the committee said in a press release earlier this week. The committee has 15 members.

“I really like my town. I really want to see it better,” said Murrow, a 21-year resident of Chester and an information technology systems project manager by profession. “We need to find some good Democrats who can be on the Town Board.”

Democrats have an edge in Chester, with 35 percent of voters registered as Democrats. Republicans are 32 percent of registered voters and 24 percent are independents. However, Republicans have long controlled the Town Board and other elected offices in the town.

Diffley said lack of a Democratic committee contributed to this. Efforts to start a committee picked up when Diffley ran for Town Board in November, along with Lenny Silver for supervisor. Both candidates lost, but the effort to start a committee continued.

“An active committee definitely helps,” said Diffley.

At their December meeting, registered Democrats also voted in Eileen Hand as secretary, Noel Spencer as treasurer and Vincent Finizia as Sergeant at Arms.



January 22, 2015:

The end-of-year report says the County nursing home is $7 million under budget;  see the Chronicle report here:  http://bit.ly/1BLLsJ4


January 2, 2015:  

BREAKING NEWS:  Orange County Civil Asset Forfeiture Law vetoed!

Both our elected Democratic leaders and our rank and file members strongly opposed the Asset Forfeiture bill being sought by District Attorney David Hoovler and Republican members of the Orange County Legislature. Every Democratic member of the Orange County Legislature voted against this bill and many of our members spoke out against it in the press and at public comment. As such, the Orange County Democratic Committee strongly supports the decision to veto Mr. Hoovler’s Asset Forfeiture bill.

In that County Executive Steven Neuhaus was for this bill before he was against it, we now call upon him to impress upon his Republican colleagues to change their minds on this bill as well, so it is not brought back to the Legislature to attempt an override of the veto. The Asset Forfeiture bill would have been an unconstitutional overreach by the Orange County government and the Republicans should end their attempts to force this law onto the residents of Orange County.

Brett Broge, Chair of the Orange County Democratic Committee

The Orange County Democratic Committee mourns the passing of Governor Mario Cuomo  

He was the quintessential New York Democrat.  The son of immigrants, his experiences gave him empathy for those who were not born with stature.  His governing reflected those ideals. Governor Cuomo's intellect and work ethic enabled him to become one of the most powerful men in the United States.  We express our sympathy to his family. He will be missed.

Brett Broge, Chair of the Orange County Democratic Committee



My View:  Times Herald-Record Sunday, December 28, 2014, p. 11

Seizing addicts’ property won’t help

The war on drugs started under President Nixon.  Think about that. For over 40 years, we’ve been trying to eliminate the use of narcotics from our society. 

We’ve spent billions of dollars, locked up so many people we have a higher rate of incarceration than the Soviet Union did, done real harm to some of our most fundamental Constitutional protections, and for what?  The heroin epidemic now under way in New York is pretty good evidence that we have not succeeded.  Politicians wanting to look tough on crime keep telling us the solution is to go further.  More money. Stiffer penalties.  To coin a phrase: How’s that working out for you?  [more] 


Christopher Eachus to be Democratic Caucus leader in Orange County Legislature

Orange County Legislator Chris Eachus of New Windsor will become the new leader of the Legislature’s nine-member Democratic Caucus in January, replacing Middletown’s Jeffrey Berkman, who served for five years as Minority leader.  Berkman will remain in the Legislature.

Eachus teaches physics at the Newburgh Free Academy and was elected to the Legislature in 2006.  He represents District 15, which encompasses the eastern half of New Windsor.  



Schumer: More oversight of railroad bridges is needed

By James Walsh - Times Herald-Record - Dec. 23, 2014 and at recordonline.com 

CITY OF NEWBURGH -- Sen. Charles Schumer on Tuesday called for more federal inspections of railroad bridges after deteriorating conditions were found at two Cornwall bridges and another in Kingston that routinely support trains hauling millions of gallons of crude oil.

Crumbling concrete foundations were found by Riverkeeper at the Kingston bridge over the Roundout [sic] Creek. Two in Cornwall just south of Storm King Mountain had similar concrete deterioration, as well as exposed rebar and missing or loose bolts. Schumer wanted all three immediately subject to federal inspection.  [more ... ] 

A True Blue Tribute on October 12, 2014

Jonathan Jacobson:  Celebrating the Past - Looking to the Future

We celebrate and thank Jonathan Jacobson for his leadership as Chair of the Orange County Democratic Committee for almost 22 years.  [more ...] 



The Orange County Government Center:  Where do we go from here?

By Matt Turnbull, Orange County Legislator representing Hamptonburgh, Washingtonville and New Windsor


I did not vote for the BB option design for the Orange County Government Center [OCGC].  I always thought it     went too far in defacing the building. The two Democrats on the ad hoc building committee weren’t even aware that the rib face block was being removed in its entirety. Seems that the secret meeting had secrets being kept from some on the committee. And this at a cost of several million dollars to the taxpayers of Orange County. The reason given? There might be mold inside the walls.

Are you kidding me?  [ ... more]


Residents of Valley View Center at the public hearing on the County Executive's plan to transfer ownership to an LDC [April, 2014]


There is not too much more to be said about the shameful transfer of Valley View Nursing Home to the Local Development Corporation.  It was unnecessary and unwise and was one of the biggest betrayals of the public trust ever seen, given the last campaign.  [ ... more]

 From the May, 2014 Orange County Democratic Committee Bulletin:


The Orange County Government Center Building has been closed by Executive Order since the fall of 2012. Rather than blindly submit to wasteful Republican demolition plans, our Democratic Caucus worked diligently to implement cost effective alternatives.  Former County Executive Diana urged demolition of the entire historic building that Paul Rudolph designed, initially suggesting that the cost of his plan would be $125 million. After further analysis cost estimates increased to $136 million! 

From the beginning of this process the Democratic Caucus had a different vision. [ ... more]





The Democratic Party saved the taxpayers of Orange County at least $75 million from the original Diana proposal to tear down the Orange County Government Center  - and at least $30 million from the most recent proposal.

Republicans are trying to promote the myth that the final renovation plan is almost as much as the second plan to build new. But they are not comparing apples to apples. 

There is an additional 20% of “overrun costs” built in to the renovation plan which had not been included in the new construction plans. Neither were the costs of the expanded parking and drainage repair. And the renovation project includes some new construction as well and has over 5,000 more square feet than the smaller two projects.  Now it’s up to the Democrats in the County Legislature to make sure that the built-in overruns are not a sure thing and that we get the biggest bang for the buck.

- Jonathan Jacobson, OCNYDems Chair

May, 2014 Orange County Democratic Committee Bulletin